For your convenience we offer a loan wheel service to keep your vehicle mobile while we complete works to your wheels, by accepting to loan wheels from Alloy Art upon leaving site Alloy Art accepts no responsibility for wheels/tyres or any damage to wheels/tyres/vehicles whilst using loan wheels. Alloy art does not cover assistance including roadside recovery due to damage of wheel’s/tyres whilst they are on loan, the wheels are always supplied in usable legal condition and comply with road safety laws, but it is your responsibility to maintain safety of wheels/tyres whilst you are using them as you would your own wheels.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your relevant insurance policies cover you to have loan wheels on your vehicle Alloy Art accepts no responsibility for invalid insurance claims.

If you do experience issues with loan wheels/tyres whilst on loan, please ensure you contact Alloy Art reception on 01702 542124

Because of the nature of colour matching and services used in matching and obtaining manufacture OEM colour codes Alloy Art accepts no responsibility in the direct match of manufacture colours, we operate the industry leading technology to match colours to OEM and requested colours, but this is subject to variation from the coating suppliers.

Are there any limitations to what can be refurbished?

It’s important to remember that wheel refurbishment involves restoring a wheel to its original condition, rather than manufacturing a brand new one. As a result, there are limitations to what can be achieved. While the majority of wheels can be successfully refurbished to a high standard, it’s important to note that there are situations where refurbishment may not fully restore a wheel to its original appearance, or in some cases, may not be feasible at all. In this section, we outline common issues that can affect the extent to which a wheel can be refurbished and its final appearance.

General Guidelines

The quality of the alloy wheel we receive is a key factor in determining the success of the refurbishment process. Any significant flaws in the wheel can limit the extent to which it can be restored to its original factory finish. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to determine this until the wheel has undergone the chemical stripping process, revealing the bare metal for detailed inspection by our technicians.

As a general rule, older wheels, excessively corroded wheels, or previously welded wheels may not be able to achieve a finish that matches their original appearance when they left the factory. Similarly, aftermarket wheels can present challenges due to variations in manufacturing processes among different manufacturers. Issues such as brittleness or soft alloy composition can arise during the refurbishment process, and these need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. We may not be able to predict such problems in advance.

In some cases, a wheel may be beyond repair and may pose a safety risk even if attempts are made to repair it. In such situations, we will inform you that we cannot proceed with the refurbishment.

Diamond Cut Wheels

Limitations on Diamond Cuts: There are restrictions on the number of times a wheel can undergo diamond cutting. This is because each time the wheel is subjected to the diamond cutting process, the cutting head on the lathe removes a thin layer of metal from the wheel’s face. If this becomes a concern, we will inform you and provide alternatives.

Edge De-burring: During the diamond cutting process, the wheel spins at high speed on the lathe, and the diamond-tipped tool gradually moves towards the face of the wheel, starting from the leading edge of the spoke. As a result, this cutting process can create a ragged and sharp edge on each spoke. Our technicians perform edge de-burring to ensure a smooth and tidy edge, which also enhances the durability of the wheel’s finish.

Low Patterns: If the area of the wheel to be diamond cut (the ‘pattern’) is low or uneven, either due to intentional design by the wheel manufacturer or previous diamond cutting, the center cap and/or badge details may protrude from the wheel. This is an unavoidable consequence of a low pattern during the refurbishment process.

No Lacquer: For refurbishments involving older wheels, excessively corroded wheels, or wheels with poor quality casting that require diamond cutting, we may recommend skipping the lacquering step for a better appearance. However, it’s important to note that this means the wheel will not have the protective coating that lacquering provides, and will require more ongoing cleaning, care, and maintenance compared to lacquered wheels.

Lathe Clamp Marks: Due to the high forces involved in the diamond cutting process, each wheel is securely clamped in the lathe using a clamping mechanism known as the ‘lathe jaws’. This allows the wheel to spin at high speed while being cut. As a result, clamp marks may be visible on the back section of the wheel where the lathe jaws held the wheel. It is not possible to diamond cut a wheel without using this clamping method.

Steel Wheels

The way in which steel wheels are manufactured often requires seams to be created as part of the process of forming the wheel.  Please be aware that this can result in a bubbling effect around the area of any seams.

Text/Lettering/Detail On Wheels

Please note that wheels may have fine details such as raised text or patterns on the surface or inset into the wheel. During the refurbishment process, these fine details, which are typically around a millimetre in height or depth, may be lost due to primer or paint coverage. It is not feasible to prevent primer or paint from obscuring these fine details.

Metal Valves & Tyre Pressure Sensors

If your wheel has a metal valve and/or a tyre pressure sensor, we can generally remove and refit them during the refurbishment process, as long as they are not damaged or corroded. However, please be aware that if re-mapping or re-programming is required for these components, we do not have the necessary equipment to perform these tasks. You would need to seek assistance from a specialist or your dealer for these services. While we will take reasonable care during the removal and refitting of valves and sensors, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during this process.

Cleaning Refurbished Wheels

To clean your refurbished wheels, simply use the proven method of hot soapy water and non-abrasive cloths. Avoid using high pH (acidic) cleaners or products like truck washes, as these may potentially damage the finish and void your warranty. It’s important to keep these instructions in mind when visiting a car wash service, as you won’t know what products they use on your car and wheels. Remember, it’s crucial to only clean your refurbished wheels with hot soapy water and non-abrasive cloths to ensure the finish remains intact and your warranty stays valid.

  • Subject to these terms and conditions, you agree to pay for the service(s) set out in the documentation between you and Alloy Art.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the ‘Booking Confirmation’ form and any other documentation between us is accurate.
  • All vehicles must be supplied with the O.E.M. tool kit and locking wheel nut keys for removing and fitting wheels, where applicable.
  • All vehicles must be fully covered by your personal insurance whilst left with Alloy Art.
  • Alloy Art shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to goods or articles left in vehicles, or damage or mechanical fault of any vehicle (other than obvious damage which was not recorded when the vehicle was checked in) such as flat battery, clutch slipping, etc, caused to your vehicle whilst in the care of Alloy Art, except for damage caused by our negligence. Alloy Art will not accept liability for the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your vehicle and in particular Alloy Art will not accept liability for any technical or structural damage to the wheels where such damage occurs due to pre-existing faults and/or wear and tear unless Alloy Art has been negligent in not realizing that such damage may occur or in the way the work was carried out.
  • For customer and company data protection, you must ensure that all recording equipment (including dash cameras) is switched off while your vehicle is on Alloy Art premises.
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  • Alloy Art does not accept responsibility for the safe transport of wheels delivered and/or collected by courier; you should ensure that any courier you use is adequately insured.
  • It is your sole responsibility to check the condition of your tires to ensure that they conform to all safety and legal requirements. We can supply and fit replacement tires upon request.
  • Where wheels are delivered to be fitted on the vehicle, we will endeavour to ensure that all wheels are securely refitted following refurbishment, however, you are advised to check the wheel nuts immediately upon collecting your vehicle and at regular intervals thereafter to ensure that the wheels are secure at all times.
  • We recommend that new valves are fitted to all wheels that require a strip and refit of tires. Rubber valves are supplied free of charge. Chrome valves are available at a small additional charge. We accept no responsibility for leaks, etc. where the original valves have been refitted at your request.
  • Alloy Art does not accept responsibility for damage to the valves or sensors within a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) where the valve cap has become damaged, corroded, or fused to the valve. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Alloy Art if a TPMS is in place. If we are unable to remove the system without damage and the TPMS components may be damaged and require replacement or repair, the customer may incur additional charges. No work will be conducted without the prior consent of the customer.
  • We will endeavour to refurbish all wheels to the best of our ability but cannot be responsible for poor castings or excessive corrosion. These problems are sometimes only apparent when the old finish has been removed. Other problems found can include:
    • The wheels/locking nuts/studs having been incorrectly maintained or modified.
    • The wheels/locking nuts/studs having been incorrectly maintained or modified.
    • Any previous service or repairs which have not been properly carried out;
    • Any parts which have been wrongly fitted or the structure of the wheel/component.
  • An estimated time and date for completion of the work shall be provided by Alloy Art when the job is booked in, but Alloy Art will not have any liability for a failure beyond its reasonable control to complete the work by the estimated time and date of
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